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ICS Speakers Bureau provides a powerful source of knowledge and understanding, delivering insight, analysis and creativity to organizations and institutions. That means providing not just service, but solutions. Our speakers work with you to meet your program objectives. You won't find keynote speakers of this caliber anywhere else -- from political leaders to authors, moderators, business speakers, economic experts, humorists, inspirational speakers and politics, our keynote speakers are, quite simply, the most intriguing people in the world.

ICS speakers lead seminars and workshops that are aimed at providing organizations and institutions with knowledge about the Caribbean, the Caribbean American community, and opportunities for doing business in, or trading with the Caribbean.

Seminar topics for the Business Sector include:
Caribbean 2030;
Diversity and the Caribbean American Community;
Getting into Business in the Caribbean;
Executive Briefing Program;
The ABCs of Doing Business in the Caribbean

Seminars can also be tailor-made for organizations, and ICS will also organize Trade Missions and lead Familiarization Tours.

ICS Education Team includes:

  •     Claire A. Nelson Ph.D., International Development Expert & Futurist
  •     Brian Wesley Kirton, Chair, Private Sector Council 
  •     Nsombi Jaja D.B.A., Private Sector Development Expert
        Ambassador Eddie Greene, Health Sector Expert
        Oscar Spencer, Economic Development Expert
  •     Hon. Hazelle Rogers, Political Expert
  •     Omyma David, Caribbean Community & Diplomacy Expert

For more information on booking a speaker for a seminar or workshop please call (202) 638-0460 or send an email to

Trade and Economic Development
Doing Business in the Caribbean
Caribbean Futures

US/Caribbean Relations


Health Care Disparity
Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery


Why Caribbean American History Matters
Caribbean Presence in Black History
Caribbean Mores and Means
Growing Up Caribbean
My Caribbean American Life

ICS speakers are also available to lead briefings for companies, government officials, and nonprofit organizations, conduct senior management development sessions, and participate in special events.

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